Ethereum Celebrates Its Fifth Year

On the fifth anniversary of Ethereum’s 2014 pre-sale, ConsenSys took a look at the network’s past. After the 2018 crypto crash, the ETH’s reputation increased, and the year 2019 proved to be more popular than ever.

Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency and one of the most popular blockchain networks on the market, is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary. Its pre-sale started in mid-2014 and saw a whirlwind of activity in its lifetime. Ethereum incubator ConsenSys took a look back at Ethereum’s history and highlighted the success the network has seen in 2019.

According to the company’s post, the Ethereum mainnet has processed over 500 million transactions since its inception. Over 130 million transactions have been processed in this year alone and the network utilization currently hovers around 90 percent. Around 16 million Ethereum addresses have been created since the beginning of the year—a testament to the network’s rising popularity. There are currently over 70 million unique addresses on Ethereum, but only 616,000 of them were active and engaged in transactions on the network.

Ethereum Has The Largest Number Of Developers Working On The Core Protocol.

It showed that Ethereum has the largest number of developers working on the core protocol. It has outpaced bitcoin and research-focused Cardano, which have a much larger market capitalisation.

The study found that Ethereum had the most robust and consistent developer growth in January 2019, with an average of 240 active developers. That represents a 23 percent increase from 190 developers working on the network in 2018.

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