Zcash Move From Turkish Stock Exchange Koineks

Koineks, which is trying to make sure that investors take a very comfortable position in the cryptocurrency market, has moved with this awareness and is trying to expand the cryptocurrency portfolio of the stock market every day.

Koineks announced today that the exchange could begin trading with another cryptocurrency transaction, Zcash (ZEC)-TL 31.07.2019 at 14:00.

Zcash (ZEC)’s privacy-based structure has been highlighted by the statement made by the stock exchange, stressing that the cryptocurrency project cares not only about personal privacy, but also about corporate privacy. Zcash (ZEC) users are able to keep their individual data under their control through this project, which can also strengthen ties between users.

The leading Bitcoin exchange is gradually increasing the number of cryptocurrencies traded in conjunction with the cryptocurrencies it has added to the koineks plaatform.

Koineks, to be remembered, had added Monero with the BitTorrent Token to his platform in recent months.

Koineks, Zcash (Zec) – TL deposits and withdrawals 30.07.2019 as of 14.00 on Tuesday; Zcash (ZEC) – TL transactions can be made on Wednesday 31.07.2019, starting at 14.00.

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